Games & Prizes


Prizes will be awarded to participants with the highest points.

Scavenger Hunt - various logos and icons will be hidden and points awarded to participants who are able to find them. Example – First 50 participants to find the Diabetes Canada logo will receive 250 points.

Leaderboard – a variety of activities will be provided and each participant can choose what activities they want to do and be awarded points. Example – Visit Diabetes Canada booth and download our Living Well With Type 1 for 500 points or Visit the Knowledge Exchange Lounge and watch Medtron video.



Donated by Diabetes Depot

2 - $50 Diabetes Depot gift certificates for the No Limits conference – 1 for the scavenger hunt and 1 for the leaderboard.


Donated by MedActiv Canada

Value: $55

MedActiv - The EasyBag Single keeps your medication at room temperature (16-25 C) for 3-5 days simply by soaking the patented polymer sponge in water for less than a minute. With a quality bag and carrying strap it will keep your insulin safe and dry and at the optimum temperature. Whether you're at the beach, golfing, hiking, on vacation or out for the day you can feel confident your insulin is at its most effective.


Donated by MedActiv Canada

Value: $100

MedActiv - The iCool Prestige keeps your medication at fridge temperature (2-8 C) for up to 24 hours. The high quality gel packs are robust and will not get your supplies wet. The Prestige has many pockets to hold all of your supplies. The Prestige is fantastic for road trips, vacations, or keeping your medications cool while you're at work instead of the communal break fridge.

Donated by Keurig

Value: $160

Keurig® K-Mini® Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Free coffee maker with a selection of 4 boxes of 24 Keurig® K-Cup® pods among the six varieties listed below.
  • Van Houtte® Colombian Dark Recyclable
  • Van Houtte® Colombian Medium Recyclable
  • Tim Hortons® Original Coffee Recyclable
  • Laura Secord® Hot Chocolate Mix Recyclable
  • Timothy’s® Chai Tea
  • Timothy’s® Cranberry Twist Green Tea
Donated by Diabetes Canada
Value: $75 each

15 Withings Go Activity & Sleep Trackers Go gives you the big picture of how active you are during the day and the duration of your sleep at night. Whether you are running, walking, swimming, or sleeping, your tracker will recognize and begin tracking the activity. All data gathered from your Go automatically syncs with your Health Mate app, and is presented in beautiful full-color graphs, so you can analyze your activity levels and follow your trends over time.

Donated By Nu Pasta
Assorted Pasta Packages
VALUE WITH SHIPPING $50,00 per variety package
  • 3 packs of Spaghetti, 3 packs of Fettuccine and 2 packs of Angel Hair
  • 1/10th the calories and 3 times the fibre of regular pasta: One plate of pasta (210g) has over 300 calories and only 2g of fibre. The same amount of NuPasta has 25 calories and 6g of fibre.
  • Made with the root of the konjac plant and soy beans (non-GMO).
  • Pre-cooked, simple to prepare and free of preservatives
  • Shelf stable – no refrigeration required
  • Certified Kosher and Halal.
  • Note: Do not freeze this product
Donated by Costco
2 $25 Gift Cards
Ross Chocolates Prize Packages

You will receive 96 bars and 12 pouches of Ross No Sugar Added Chocolate in a variety of flavors delivered to your home, a prize package worth $250.